Justin Bieber Writes A New Song "Every Day" On His 'Believe' World Tour

25 April 2013, 09:20

The 'Baby' singer is also rumoured to have written a song about Selena Gomez during his time in Norway.

Justin Bieber has been writing a new song "every day" on his 'Believe' tour over the past few months, as his manager teases what will be coming next for the teen pop sensation.

The 'Boyfriend' singer teased fans by talking about his "music journals" this past week, which manager Scooter Braun says he has been adding to at every city he travels to on the tour.

"Well I don't ever disclose what our plans are, but I will say this, he's  been writing one to two songs a day for the entire tour and he actually labels them by the city he writes them in," Scooter revealed to MTV News this week.

"We started calling it his 'music journal' and we're talking about what should come next musically," Justin's manager explained. "And I think creatively he just wants to share all his thoughts through music."

Scooter even made a sideways reference to Justin's rumoured reunion with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in Oslo, Norway last weekend, when asked whether the 'Beauty & A Beat' singer had written a song during his stay there.

"The Oslo song? You'll have to see," Scooter added. "Norway was an incredibly inspirational place, so you'll have to see!"

Check out a picture of Justin showing off his new tattoos recently below (Credit: BieberFever.com):

The 'As Long As You Love Me' singer kicked off his 'Believe' tour in September last year, meaning the Canadian pop star should have plenty of material to work with for his next record.

Justin Bieber most recently featured in the music video for will.i.am's latest single '#ThatPower'.