Justin Bieber To Release New Single With Young Money Rapper Lil Twist

11 January 2012, 21:45

The 'Baby' singer will feature on the next single from Lil Wayne's protege Lil Twist.

Justin Bieber is preparing to release a brand new duet with rapper Lil Twist, the 18 year-old Young Money artist has revealed.

The 'Mistletoe' singer is currently recording new material in the studio for his third album 'Believe', but Lil Twist says their collaboration 'Wherever You Are' will be out very soon. 

"We're getting ready to drop that record 'Wherever You Are.'," Lil Twist revealed to MTV News this week. "Y'all will have that real soon.

"It's a fun record. Justin killed it," the rapper teased. "He's, like, rap-singing on it; another different sound for Justin."

He added: "That's my brother right there. It's just been a long time coming. Now that we been had the record done, it's time to put it out." 

Lil Twist's debut album 'Don't Get It Twisted' was originally set for release in 2011 but will now launch on 20th March.

Justin Bieber, who has previously collaborated with artists like Usher and Chris Brown, spoke out his future in the music industry this week and revealed his main goal is to be respected by people.