Justin Bieber Says New Album 'Believe' Will Show His Fans How He Feels About Them

28 May 2012, 19:36 | Updated: 28 May 2012, 19:44

The 'Somebody To Love' star admits his upcoming record will let his followers "finally understand" his feelings.

Justin Bieber has confessed that his new studio album 'Believe' will let his fans "finally understand" how he feels about them.

The 'Never Say Never' star took to his Twitter account earlier today (28th May) to post a series of messages showing his appreciation to his dedicated fanbase.

He tweeted: "my fans have always been there. from day 1. they are there for me thru everything. they lift me up. so...im there for them. always. #FACT

"hope when you guys hear #BELIEVE you finally understand how i feel about you. I appreciate and love you. this is about us. thank you"

"we came up from the bottom TOGETHER. every step we were doubted. i doubted...but you were always there. #IlovemyBeliebers"

"so we work hard. we grind it out. nothing is stopping us. We #BELIEVE :)"

The singer recently confirmed the tracklisting for the album which will feature collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Drake and Ludacris.

The Canadian star will release 'Believe' on 18th June and is set to head to Wembley Stadium next month for Capital FM's Summertime Ball 2012 where he will take to the stage alongside the likes of Usher, Coldplay and Katy Perry.