Justin Bieber: "Everything I Do Is Modeled On Michael Jackson"

17 May 2012, 13:38 | Updated: 17 May 2012, 13:43

The 'Baby' star admits he is learning how to become a "mini mogul" and create a greater understanding of the industry.

Justin Bieber has revealed that his model for music career and business is Michael Jackson.

The 'One Time' star spoke with Forbes magazine about his understanding of the industry and the attempts to emulate the success of the late King of pop.

Asked who he looks up to, he said: "I mean for me it's only one person. Everything that I do is kind of modeled after Michael Jackson."

The Canadian star was sat beside manager Scooter Braun during the interview and highlighted his associate as teaching him more and more about the industry.

"He [Scooter] wants me to be knowledgeable about my business and know what I'm actually doing and not one of those artists that lets everybody take care of it," he revealed. "He wants me to be a mini mogul myself. "

Scotter added: "I think at the end of the day with a lot of artists things get messed up because people come in from the outside and create fear, and they create fear because the artist doesn't have enough knowledge about their own business.

"Justin spends at least one hour a week with myself, with the business manager, with the lawyer – going over scenarios in business and learning and dissecting it.

"He always knows the right question to ask – which is pretty impressive. Even at 15 he was like that but he'll never be fearful in this business because he'll have a firm understanding of it."

Justin recently came in the top three of Forbes' top 100 celebrity countdown which highlighted the most powerful stars in the world and is currently preparing to release his new studio album 'Believe' which will be unveiled on 18th June.

The 'Boyfriend' star will also be heading to the UK next month to appear at Capital FM's Summertime Ball on the same stage as the likes of Usher, Coldplay and Katy Perry.