A Pair Of Justin Bieber ‘Lookalikes’ Auditioned For The X Factor & People Can Not Deal

11 September 2017, 10:56

Justin Bieber X Factor Lookalikes

We use the term ‘lookalike’ loosely…

We thought we were seeing things when the X Factor hit our screens last weekend – there appeared to be not one but TWO Justin Biebers auditioning… kind of.

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Pretty Boy Karma appeared in front of the judges rocking copycat versions of Justin’s outfits and even singing Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’, but aside from a passing resemblance to the fitlord that is the Biebs that’s kind of where the likeness ended.

As well as not being very good singers or rappers, the boys also didn’t have Justin’s dance ability – but it was enough to send the internet into a frenzy at what they had just seen:

However, their not-so-good audition wasn’t the only thing that went wrong – Simon Cowell accidentally told them they had four ‘yeses’ instead of ‘nos’ – and that tiny look of hope on one of the brothers’ face was kinda heartbreaking. 

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