Justin Bieber defends his manager

Justin Bieber has come forward to support his manager after he turned himself in to the police

Back in November, Bieber's manager Scott "Scooter" Braun was asked to cancel a public appearance at the Roosevelt Field mall in New York over security fears.

Scooter ignored warnings that he may be arrested and refused to cancel the event, which resulted in uncontrollable crowds at the signing and one fan being hospitalised.

Bieber's manager, who has pleaded not guilty, is now facing charges of criminal nuisance and reckless endangerment after turning himself in.

Justin has showed support for his manager by wearing a "Free Scooter" t-shirt at a public appearance in Chicago yesterday, as well as tweeting a message of support: "You've got my total support (Scooter Braun). Wish you were here in Chicago with us".