Justin Bieber's new Twitter record

Teenager Justin Bieber's hit another milestone in his life...6 million followers on Twitter.

That's in addition to 15 million followers on Facebook and over 1 billion views on YouTube - he was only beaten to that record by Lady Gaga.

So of course the 16 year old took to Twitter to celebrate. He told his fans, "WOW. WOW. WOW" "THANK U. This is crazy...My Hometown only has 30,000 people total! NUTS... #NEVERSAYNEVER."

Justin went on to tell his fans to live the dream, "So let me break this down for you... this is for all the kids out there with a dream....

"No one in my family had really left my town or the area and i never thought leaving was possible....but then u all found me and you all changed my life and showed me opportunity i didnt think existed.

"You taught me to #dreambig and #neversaynever . so thank u."