Justin Bieber's $8,000 lock of hair

26 February 2011, 17:23

There's someone in the world currently willing to pay $8,300 dollars for a lock of Justin Bieber's hair.

That's the current bid on eBay as TV show host Ellen DeGeneres raises money for charity.

When Ellen's birthday was approaching, she tweeted that she had one simple wish: a lock of Justin Bieber's hair! Justin tweeted back that she was getting her gift -- and he followed through! Ellen decided she'd donate her gift to support The Gentle Barn, an animal rescue organization that she loves. As a bonus, Justin also signed the box.

The hair has so attracted 64 bids and closes on March 2nd

The only downside for Justin is that his new haircut has cost him 80,000 followers on Twitter but hey, he's got a few million left.