Justin Bieber "Worries" Fans After Getting Into A Minor Car Accident

24 March 2018, 14:24 | Updated: 24 March 2018, 14:47

Justin Bieber

No one was hurt, guys!

Justin Bieber was involved in a minor accident on Friday night after a car crashed into his Mercedes. 

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Thankfully though, no one was hurt. 

According to TMZ's reports, the incident happened just before 9pm on Friday night on Sunset Boulevard, LA. The site reported: "Bieber was on Sunset Boulevard just before 9 PM in West Hollywood when he was rear-ended by a Range Rover. 

"Law enforcement sources tell us an OnStar system from one of the vehicles alerted them to the crash." Twitter user Maisey McGinnis witnessed the incident and shared the video online. 



Although the site claims that the police didn't take a report of the incident, the police apparently did wait and watch as Justin and the driver in the other car swapped details.

Even though Justin's got a rumoured new bae, she was nowhere to be seen at the scene of the incident. 

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Yes, incase you've missed it, Jelena fans hearts were broken this week when Justin was spotted out and about with a mystery new girl. The girl who has been revealed to be 22-year-old Baskin Champion.  


A post shared by baskin champion (@baskinchamp) onMar 23, 2018 at 11:03am PDT

Last week we announced that Justin and Selena Gomez had gone on a temporary "break" but if these girlfriend rumours are anything to go by then things aren't looking too good tbh. 

Regardless of whatever's going on in the 'Sorry' singer's love life, his fans are happy that he's okay as one fan tweeted that they're "worried." One person tweeted: "I am so happy that Justin wasn't hurt".


Talking of Justin, who knew that him and Craig David were friends? We sure didn't...