Justin Bieber Performs Double Dream Hands Dance Viral - Video

1 June 2012, 14:29 | Updated: 1 June 2012, 14:56

The 'Never Say Never' singer has recreated the popular YouTube viral in a brand new video.

Justin Bieber has filmed a new video clip showing him recreating the famous internet viral Double Dream Hands. 

The YouTube video featuring John Jacobson performing his motivational dance Double Dream Hands has reached well over five million views since it was uploaded, and 'Boyfriend' singer Justin has shown he is a fan of the internet favourite. 

Justin is seen matching John's moves in the Double Dream Hands dance, before also performing his own 'shuffle' to LMFAO's 'Sexy And I Know It' afterward. 

Earlier this week Justin released a new song called 'Die In Your Arms' to download from his new album 'Believe', and is currently on a promotional trip to Europe to perform a series of secret concerts. 

Justin kicked off his 'All Around The World' promotional trip in Oslo, Norway on Wednesday (30th May), where he was memorably chased by fans in speedboats, and is now in Paris, France for his next 'Believe' shows.

Justin Bieber will release his brand new album 'Believe' on 18th June in the UK and on 19th June in the US.

View a picture of Justin Bieber performing the Double Dream Hands dance below: