WATCH: Justin Bieber Is Hilarious As He Gets His Wisdom Teeth Removed At The Dentist

13 July 2015, 16:17

Justin Bieber Dentist

Justin Bieber's been to the dentist and looks to have had a really good time!

Justin Bieber has posted a series of Snapchats live from the dentist as he prepares to get his wisdom teeth removed wearing a beanie and a t-shirt. 

A buzzed up Biebs looks unsurprisingly chilled as the anaesthetic kicks in and he starts to slur his words as he chats to the camera.  


Get well soon Justin!

The video has taken a lot of fans on a trip down memory lane as they reminisce on this original Bieber at the dentist video, a mock of a YouTube viral for comedy channel 'Funny Or Die'. We're calling this instalment Bieber at the dentist 2.0.


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