Justin Bieber On His Fame: "I'm Doing What I Love And It's All Worth It" - Audio

26 March 2012, 07:24 | Updated: 26 March 2012, 09:57

The 'Never Say Never' star says the price of fame is worth it to be able to do what you love every day.

Justin Bieber says he never regrets being famous because it allows him to do what he loves doing every single day.

The 'Never Say Never' singer, who's new single 'Boyfriend' had its first play on Capital FM today (26th March), says although he misses his family while on the road it is worth it because of the great opportunities he has.

"I mean the advantages and disadvantages, they're different," Justin exclusively told Capital FM ahead of the single's release this week. "I'm able to just do things I wasn't able to do before as far as travel and see a lot of different places.

"But I don't get to see my family a lot so that sucks. And my little brother and sister are growing up and I don't get to see them as much as I would love to," the 'Mistletoe' singer admitted. "But you know at the end of the day, I'm doing what I love and it's all worth it."

As well as releasing the first single from his upcoming third album 'Believe' Justin has also teased a potential return to the UK and confirming plans are underway for a future tour.

Justin Bieber is releasing new single 'Boyfriend' in the US today with a UK release to follow.

You can hear Justin Bieber talking to Rich Clarke tonight from 7pm.

Listen to Justin Bieber discussing his fame below:

Justin Bieber talks fame