WATCH: Justin Bieber’s Randomly Done An Acoustic Cover Of ‘Baby’ With Bryan Adams

16 September 2015, 11:42

Justin Bieber & Bryan Adams - Baby (Live & Acoustic)


Justin shared the stage with a fellow Canadian singer as he performed his breakout hit – including the rap!

We never thought we’d see these two share a stage but it kind of works! Justin Bieber performed an acoustic cover of his first hit song ‘Baby’ with fellow Canadian crooner Bryan Adams.

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The pair took to the stage in Berlin in Germany this week to treat the crowd at Universal Inside to a surprise duet – though a crowd of business people in suits aren’t quite the usual faces you’d expect to see front row at a Bieber gig!

Bryan accompanied the Biebs’ acoustic performance on guitar and joined in on the verses – and Justin even took on Ludacris’ rap verse with spectacular style too. 

The event was organised by Universal Music Group and included more performances from Justin as well as a Q&A ahead of Justin’s forthcoming new album.

Is there anyone on earth Justin Bieber can’t duet with and make it sound like it was meant to be? We’re holding out for a SuBo collab next! 

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