WATCH: Justin Bieber Breaking Down During His Encore Proves Just How Much He Loves Performing

10 May 2016, 12:31

Justin Bieber Crying

Biebs is currently travelling across America on his 'Purpose' tour and things got a bit too much for him in Philadelphia.

The show's encore features Justin coming out on to the cat walk to sing the final song of the night, 'Purpose.' Having explained in countless interviews it's a song that really explains the whole idea behind of the album; how Justin has quite literally found his purpose in life now. 


After seeing the video of Biebs crying, it all got a bit too much for some. 


And simply because he'd started, it set EVERYONE off!


Others thought it wasn't because he was upset, more just super proud.


Either way, hope y'alright Justin - keep doing what you do best!

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