Bieber's online clout beats Barack

Justin Bieber carries more online clout than Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama.

That's according to the social media calculator Klout which adds together tweets, Facebook likes, pings, mentions on Google, status updates and other social media activity.

It then gives everyone a score out of 100, depending on how often what someone has said gets repeated by others online.

The teenage star has the maximum score of 100. Barack Obama scores 88.

Other Capital FM stars in the top 20 include Katy Perry and Kanye West.

1. Justin Bieber, pop star, 100
2. Paulo Coelho, Brazilian author of The Alchemist, 96
3. Joe Jonas, pop star, 92
4. Kanye West, US rapper, 90.9
5. Dalai Lama, Buddhist leader, 90.6
6. Nick Jonas, US pop star, 90.1
7. Lady GaGa, US pop star, 86.9
8. Conan O'Brien, US TV host, 89
9. P Diddy, US rapper, 88.9
10. Hayley Williams, US pop star, 88.8

11. Barack Obama, US president, 88.5
12. Kim Kardashian, US TV star, 88.5
13. Tyrese Gibson, US singer, 87.9
14. Federico Devito, Brazilian teen star, 87.7
15. Jose Serra, Brazilian politician, 87.1
16. Ellen DeGeneres, US talk show host, 87.04
17. Angela Simmons, socialite, 87
18. Katy Perry, US pop star, 87
19. Roger Ebert, US film critic, 86.7
20. Rick Warren, US pastor, 86.7