Justin Bieber's Top 10 Music Videos

26 March 2012, 15:39 | Updated: 26 March 2012, 17:41

We give you a run down of the 18-year-old worldwide pop star's greatest music videos following the first play of his brand new single 'Boyfriend'.

Justin Bieber is making his return to the airwaves this year with his new studio album 'Believe', and treated fans to the first play of his brand new single 'Boyfriend' this week. To celebrate the return of the Canadian pop sensation Capital is taking a look back at the ten best music videos the singer has released since exploding onto the music scene back in 2009.

U Smile

Released in August 2010 as the second digital single from Justin's debut album re-release 'My World 2.0', catchy pop number 'U Smile' sees the young singer meeting fans outside a venue and inviting one of the lucky ladies to join him for a date later that night. The video also showcases Justin's instrumental talent with him playing his own accompaniment on a grand piano. 

One Less Lonely Girl

Produced and written by his mentor Usher, Justin's 2009 music video for 'One Less Lonely Girl' sees him meeting a pretty girl in a local launderette and leading her on a scavenger hunt in order to win her affections. The song served as Justin's follow-up to his first ever single 'One Time'.

Love Me

Back in 2009 Justin released the uplifting 'Love Me' as the first promotional single from debut record 'My World', which proved an instant hit with his fans all over the world. Penned by 'Marry Me' singer Bruno Mars and taking from The Cardigans' popular 1996 hit 'Lovefool', Justin's music video for 'Love Me' features footage from some of the 18 year-old singer's live performances as well as clips of his life on the road.

One Time

Let's go back to where it all started with Justin's first ever single 'One Time' which was originally released back in 2009. The song's music video featured appearances from both Usher and Justin's hometown best friend Ryan Butler, and showed off the 'My World' singer's cheeky side after he holds a secret house party at his trusting mentor's home. To date the 'One Time' music video has been viewed almost 300 million times on YouTube.

Never Let You Go

Justin showed off a more serious side in March 2010 for the release of 'Never Let You Go' from 'My World 2.0'. The music video sees the young star pursuing a teen romance while serenading his girlfriend from the catacombs of an atmospheric aquarium, although Justin still found a way to show off his trademark dance moves in the promo.

Eenie Meenie

Justin teamed up with 'Beautiful Girls' singer Sean Kingston in 2010 for the single  'Back 2 Life'. The music video sees both singers vying for the attentions of the same girl, who flirts with both of them, before the "Eenie-Meenie-Minie-Mo lover" gets caught out at the end. 'Eenie Meenie' is also notable for allowing Justin to show off his budding rap skills!


Justin returned in late 2011 with his festive offering 'Mistletoe', taken from his holiday album 'Under The Mistletoe', and the 18 year-old singer showed off his maturing voice in the R&B inspired seasonal track. The music video sees Justin singing on a snow-dusted street before enjoying a Christmas dance as well as a cheeky kiss under said mistletoe. 2011.

Never Say Never

'Never Say Never' served as the theme song for the 2011 film The Karate Kid and gave Justin the perfect opportunity to team up with the film's star, and Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith for this popular Justin Bieber song, which was eventually released to promote his remix album 'Never Say Never - The Remixes'. Jaden also stars in the song's music video to show the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with his middle eight rap verse.

Somebody To Love

Justin and mentor Usher went all out with the choreography for their 2010 team-up on the official remix of 'Somebody To Love'. The music video sees both artists teaming up with various dance crews during their performance and has remained one of the Canadian singer's most popular songs to date.


Justin's biggest hit to date 'Baby' is at number one on our list. The song served as the lead single from the latter half of his debut 'My World 2.0' and saw Justin teaming up with rapper Ludacris. The popular music video, which has over 700 million YouTube views also features Ludacris and sees Justin attempting to lay the charm on a girl he meets at the local shopping mall.