Bruno Mars has a fan in Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson's sister spills her musical love for Bruno.

Janet Jackson has been dishing the dirt on who she really loves at the minute, and top of her list was Bruno Mars.

"You know who else I really enjoy, I enjoy Bruno Mars a great deal I think he's nice to listen to," Janet said.

"As well as Adele, I think she's incredibly talented."

Not only have Bruno and Adele caught Janet's ear, but she also joins the long list of Lady Gaga's celebrity fans.

"I like the Gaga that sits behind the piano," Janet told Capital's showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes.

"Just her voice and the piano. I think she's very talented and I wish I could hear more of that from her."

Janet Jackson brings her 'Number Ones: Up Close and Personal' tour to the Royal Albert Hall from 30th June. Tickets are still available for Sunday 3rd July.