Beyonce's Halftime Show Helps Super Bowl Become Third Most Watched TV Show Ever

5 February 2013, 11:02

The 'Love On Top' singer was watched by an estimated 104 million people on Sunday night.

Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show at the NFL sporting extravaganza on Sunday night (3rd February) has helped the event become the third most watched TV show of all time.

The 'Crazy In Love' singer performed a string of solo hit singles as well as a Destiny's Child medley with her bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams at the show - which attracted huge viewing figures.

Nielsen data revealed that 108.41 million people tuned in for the Super Bowl with 104 million watching the segment that included Beyonce's halftime performance.

The Super Bowl XLVI and Super Bowl XLV are still the most popular TV shows of all time in first and second respectively.

It was also revealed that the 35 minute blackout which followed the set was not taken into consideration during the tally. 

Beyonce was omitted from any blame of the power cut as it was revealed her show was running on a completely separate generator.

The 'End Of Time' singer revealed how she was grateful the cut never occurred during her set, which has been praised from stars around the music world – including Justin Timberlake, Jessie J and Bruno Mars.