Beyonce Says Blue Ivy Was "Impressed" After Seeing Her Mum In Animated Movie Epic

28 June 2013, 11:02

The 'Countdown' star says she had a sweet moment where her daughter recognised her on screen.

Beyonce has revealed that daughter Blue Ivy seemed to be "impressed" when she saw her mum starring in the new animated movie Epic.

The 'Love On Top' star voices the character of Queen Tara in the latest animation release, and says her 17 month-old daughter has seen her in the film and realised it was her mother on screen.

"It's why I did it! I showed her a few of the scenes," Beyonce revealed to Australia's The Project, while promoting the new release. "She's still young, so her attention span is about 20 minutes, but she did see it.

"She was like, 'Wait a minute, that's you!'," the 'Countdown' star explained. "So I think she figured it out, she seemed to be impressed!"

Beyonce went on to say the idea of starring in an animated film had always interested her and admitted it was strange to see it come to fruition.

"I hear my little, crazy voice coming out of this beautiful, regal woman, I'm like this is really strange but I love it," Beyonce added. "Just seeing yourself animated and seeing yourself doing something you could never do in real life."

Check out a picture of Beyonce and Blue Ivy together below (Credit: IAmBeyonce):

The R&B superstar also took to her official Tumblr this week to share a sweet picture of her leaning in to Blue's pram while the youngster reaches out and touches her mum on the nose.

This week saw Beyonce found herself at number four on Forbes magazine's Celebrity 100 list of the most powerful stars in the world.

Beyonce extended her 'The Mrs. Carter Show' world tour a number of days ago to include further dates in Latin and North America, making the tour run right up to the end of 2013.