Is Taylor Swift on Beyoncé's Bodyguard? The background vocals theory explained

29 March 2024, 17:07

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

'Bodyguard' is one of the standout tracks on Beyoncé's new album Cowboy Carter but is Taylor Swift part of the credits?

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Have Beyoncé and Taylor Swift done a song together? The internet thinks Taylor sings background vocals on 'Bodyguard'.

Ever since Beyoncé and Taylor Swift appeared at each other's concert film premieres last year, people have speculated that the two stars may have secretly worked together on music. When Beyoncé later announced that she would be releasing a country-inspired album called Cowboy Carter, fans started wondering if Taylor would feature on the project.

Now, Cowboy Carter is here and there isn't an official Taylor Swift collaboration on the album but fans are convinced that 'Bodyguard' features Taylor backing vocals. They also think it could have been written by Beyoncé and Taylor together.

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Is Taylor Swift on Beyoncé's Bodyguard? The background vocals theory explained
Is Taylor Swift on Beyoncé's Bodyguard? The background vocals theory explained. Picture: Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Parkwood, John Shearer/Getty Images for TAS

'Bodyguard' is a radio-friendly country anthem in which Beyoncé sings about being so in love with someone that she could be their bodyguard. The song has become an instant fan fave and now people have come up with a theory that Taylor can be heard doing background vocals throughout the song.

If you listen closely, the song starts with someone singing: "One, two, three, four / Ooh-ee-ooh, ah / Ooh-ee-ooh" and fans think Taylor sings the "ah" parts. The same "ah" is then repeated at various stages throughout the song.

Notably, it does not sound like Beyoncé and it does sound similar to how Taylor sings 'ah-ah-ah' in her song 'I Can See You'.

Beyoncé - BODYGUARD (Official Lyric Video)

Since the theory has gone viral, Genius have also updated their 'Bodyguard' page to credit Taylor as a backing vocalist on the song. However, it's possible that a fan has edited the page instead of Genius. The official credits for 'Bodyguard' and Cowboy Carter are yet to be released.

Reacting to the theory, one person tweeted: "THAT IS 100% TAYLOR SWIFT ON BODYGUARD BY BEYONCÉ NOW GIVE ME A FULL COLLAB."

Another wrote: "wait i can really hear taylor singing the ahhs in bodyguard…"

Since, the theory started going viral on Twitter, Billboard's Executive Director of Music Jason Lipshutz appears to have shut down the speculation by simply tweeting "Nope" in response to a fan.

People have also reported that Taylor does not feature on the song.

It looks like we'll have to wait for Beyoncé to release the full credits for Cowboy Carter to find out exactly who wrote the song and who sings those background vocals.

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