Have Ariana Grande And Rumoured Boyf, Pete Davidson, Already Got Matching Tattoos?

23 May 2018, 10:50

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

A day after the pair were rumoured to be dating, the pair have already been spotted with VERY similar tattoos.

It all started when Ariana Grande appeared on 'Saturday Night Live'. Now, she's thought to be dating cast member Pete Davidson, and just a day after that came to the news, they already (apparently) have matching tattoos.

Recently, Ariana has been teasing some new projects, with a cloud emoji. And some eagle-eyed fans noted that she appears to have a similar tattoo of a cloud on her finger.

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This is where it gets juicy. Last week, Pete Davidson shared a photo of himself on Instagram, with a cloud tattoo on his finger.

Is this a coincidence? Do they just both love a bit of Cumulonimbus?

Or have the pair just confirmed that they're officially an item for the ages?!

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