WATCH: Ariana Grande Just Revealed Her Adorable New Pet Micro Pig On Instagram

17 September 2018, 10:59 | Updated: 18 September 2018, 14:20

Ariana Grande took to Instagram to show the world the newest addition to her pet family- and adorable pet micro pig as fans point out the singers lips appear to be injured.

Ariana Grande has a shared her latest addition to her and Pete Davidson's household on Instagram, and it comes in the form of perhaps the cutest little thing we ever set our eyes upon, a teeny tiny micro pig.

The The 'God Is A Woman' singer is a huge animal lover and already has nine, yes nine dogs rescued from shelters, and people couldn't handle the cuteness when revealed her new pet in an Instagram story.

The pig, curled up on her looking as content as could be, is clearly aware he's been taken in by a global superstar and is in for a pretty comfortable life.

Although we don't know what it's name is yet, there're rumours she named the pig in honour of Mac Miller who sadly passed away last week due to a suspected overdose, by naming it 'Malcolm'.

Many Twitter users also pointed out that Ariana's lip appeared to be injured, with fans rushing to offer messages of support in the wake of new of Mac's death, something Ariana paid tribute to in a touching Instagram post.

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