WATCH: Lady Gaga Injures Ariana Grande's Eye On The 'Rain On Me' Set

7 August 2020, 13:46

Lady Gaga scratched Ariana Grande on the face whilst rehearsing for the 'Rain On Me' music video and we're seriously jealous of these guys' friendship...

Lady Gaga has posted a behind the scenes video of her and Ariana Grande shooting the 'Rain On Me' music video which shows the singer scratching Ariana's eye during rehearsals as well as kneeling on the singer's infamously long ponytail whilst trying to tend to the injury!

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Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga's hilarious friendship behind the scenes of 'Rain On Me' music video
Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga's hilarious friendship behind the scenes of 'Rain On Me' music video. Picture: Instagram @ladygaga

In the 4 minute black and white Instagram TV video, Lady Gaga, 34, says: "I shanked her with my nail by accident while dancing."

Ariana, 27, lies on the floor and assessing the damage says: "Lady Gaga scratched me in my eye... it's an honour I hope it scars."

Ariana can be heard saying "I hope it stays there forever" as Gaga mildly freaks out and tries to find her some antiseptic for the false nail injury.

Unfazed, Ariana says: "It looks hard... it feels like I was in an action movie."

Ariana Grande shows off Lady Gaga injury
Ariana Grande shows off Lady Gaga injury. Picture: Instagram @arianagrande

When the 'Babylon' singer decides she can't let Ariana's scratch go unmedicated, she tries to force the antiseptic on the singer, kneeling on her ponytail before saying, 'listen to your mom!', before Ariana gets up and runs away.

The '7 Rings' singer jokes, "Oh my god you're two days older than me!"

After Gaga uploaded the BTS video which sent fans into a certified meltdown, Ari then posted an up close shot of the scratch under her eye with a seriously smug expression- she clearly wants it there forever!

Aside from the scratching fiasco, the video reveals just how close the two superstars have become, leaving many asking for more footage of them, and hopefully many more collaborations to come!

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