Ariana Grande's Mum Defends Singer Against Accusation Of 'Flaunting Success' In Monopoly

2 April 2019, 12:28

Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét dropped 'Monopoly' and now Joan Grande is defending them against claims they're 'flaunting' their wealth proving she's their biggest fan.

Ariana Grande dropped her latest track Monopoly with BFF and hit collaborator Victoria Monét with a meme-able 2019 music video to accompany it and the song's biggest fan, Joan Grande, stepped into defend the girls from what she saw as an unfair accusation.

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She hit back at a Twitter account who promoted their new song as she didn't agree with the wording of their tweet that said Ari and Victoria are 'flaunting' their success.

Joan clapped back saying: "why say it like that? you are putting a negative twist on it.. "flaunts their success" OR shows gratitude to the fans (which is what they say) by making a fun song and video... be clear of your choice of words... there is ZERO flaunting here, just gratitude and fun..get it?"

The account quickly resolved the issue with Joan, promising to be more careful with their wording and the two ended on good terms, the type of 2019 energy we are so down for.

Joan replied: "You have historically shown a positive track record of supporting good music and strong women, which is why this shocked me, please .. we live in tenuous times where one word can flip a feeling... the gift of #Monopoly is a beautiful thank you. I appreciate your response."

Joan Grande defends daughter against claims she's 'flaunting' her wealth
Joan Grande defends daughter against claims she's 'flaunting' her wealth. Picture: Twitter/@joangrande

Ari just made it to 150 million Instagram followers, but we're wondering if she really needs them after her mum just proved she's the biggest stan out there.

The message here? Don't mess with mama Grande, because she'll come for you!

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