Camila Cabello & Ariana Grande's Hilarious Twitter Conversation Exposed The Agony Of A High Ponytail

5 November 2018, 12:39

Camila Cabello took to Twitter to ask Ariana Grande just how she deals with the agony of a high ponytail everyday, and the 'thank you, next' singer had the most hilarious response that has us saying 'respect' to her.

Two of our favourite pop stars ever have been bonding on Twitter over the mutual agony of the high ponytail- and yes, Ariana Grande is 1/2 of those pop stars, with Camila Cabello shouting out the 'thank you, next' singer for being able to put up with the pain full time, as she could hardly handle one day of it!

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Asking Ari, whose trademark lewk is her super long ponytail, just how she can handle the agony, Ari joked that her secret trick to a painless pony is because she doesn't actually even have any hair... then conceding that she's in fact in pain every second of the day and doesn't care, cos' the ponytail is life.

We respect her so much more now we know the daily pain she endures for the hairstyle that ends all hairstyles. Aside from some serious red carpet induced headache questions, Camila had one last thing to ask one of her pop BFF's, and we can't wait to see if there'll be another celeb engagement on the cards soon...

Somehow after Ari's surprise drop of break-up anthem 'thank u, next', a track Camila was just gushing about on the MTV EMA's red carpet, we reckon marriage will be off the cards for the foreseeable future, but we'd be so here for Cariana, and we're totally willing to wait.

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