Ariana Grande Fans Drag 'Basic' Christmas Merch & Urge Her To 'Design It Herself'

5 December 2019, 15:03

Ariana Grande fans aren't impressed with her Christmas merch
Ariana Grande fans aren't impressed with her Christmas merch. Picture: Twitter

Ariana Grande's 'christmas & chill' merch has dropped on her website and fans have seriously mixed opinions over the Father Christmas hats and Onesies.

Ariana Grande fans are dragging her latest merch' drop on Twitter after the latest line of Christmas inspired onesies, Santa hats and caps are released on her website, with the words 'atrocity' and 'tragic' being thrown around, whilst others already have the merch' on their wish list.

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Her 'christmas and chill' inspired merch' has been dropped after her relatively unknown album has seen a 2019 resurgence, and her team have wasted no time in designing the seasonal items, but people reckon the end results should have had a little more signature 'Ari' in them.

One fan was so incensed with Ariana's offerings they created their own, with stylish, festive hoodies and even baubles- writing to her team: "Dear Ariana’s Merch Team, It’s not that hard. Sincerely, Arianators" which we think might be the most iconic move we've seen this festive period.

Another savagely wrote, "Ariana needs to start designing her own merch again because this is ..... tragic. The Santa hat and the caps.... I’m crying" and we're on the edge of our seats waiting for the avid Twitter user herself to respond to her fans' feedback, as the 26-year-old 'Boyfriend' singer isn't one to sit back and let them go off without clapping back!

Originally released in 2015, Christmas and Chill is the second festive release from the 'breathin' star and, although known by die hard fans, hadn't received much attention until it re-entered the charts this year after an enormous year for the singer, and Ari couldn't be happier.

She took to Twitter to tell fans: "oh my god. my favorite body of work. she is rising from the dead ! thank u new listeners of christmas n chill and hello everyone that is just now discovering it. i’m so happy."

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