Adele And Busta Rhymes?

Busta Rhymes says it's not just Adele's music he's loving.

Adele bagged herself three MTV VMAs at the weekend's LA bash, but she's also found an admirer in rapper Busta Rhymes.

"I mean Adele is one of the more priceless gems, not only just from the uk but just her music overall," Busta told Capital's showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes.

"Her spirit is golden. What she represents herself to be as a woman is of the most elegance and of the most class.

"And I am genuinely not just a fan of who she is as an artist, bu I'm genuinely a fan of who she is as a human being."

Adele has been on tour in the US after huge success with her album '21', and has also found celebrity fans in Twilight star Robert Pattinson the cast of Glee and Christina Aguilera who posted photos with Adele after the show.

Meanwhile Busta has teamed up with The X Factor star Cher Lloyd to create a song for her new album.