Adele hints at surprise London show

Adele has hinted that she could be set to perform a surprise gig in London.

The singer is currently holed up in bed after contracting laryngitis during her recent US tour.

Adele had to cancel a series of tour dates in America as a result.

'I can't wait to be able to sing again, I’m bored stiff,' she wrote on her blog. 

'I've had a check up and I'm on the mend, I still need to take it easy and rest but things are looking up.' 

She added: 'I'm going to be on stage in London in just under 2 weeks but its a surprise I think!?'

The singer also hailed Example for remaining at the top with 'Changed The Way You Kiss'

'My favourite person in the world is number 1 for the second time this week, couldnt be prouder. absolutely smashed it,' she added.

Adele will be performing at the iTunes Festival in July 2011. Listen to Capital Breakfast on Monday 27th June to find out how you can win tickets.