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Beyonce, Drake & Rihanna

BET Awards 2016 Nominations: Rihanna, Beyonce & Drake Lead The Charge

Adele teases new music video

WATCH: Adele’s Teased The Sultry New Video For ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

Christina Aguilera Ellen Degeneres

WATCH: Christina Aguilera Sings Rihanna, Beyonce And MORE In Game With Ellen!

Adele 2016 UK Tour Moments

Adele’s 2016 World Tour: 13 Moments That’ll Make You Feel Emotions You’ve NEVER Felt Before!

Adele Live On UK Tour

WATCH: Adele Hails Beyonce As “Jesus F*****g Christ”… And Pranks The Tour Crowd That She’s There!

Rich List

Adele’s £35MILLION Richer In 2016… & Find Out Who The Richest Pop Stars Under 30 Are


So THIS Is How Adele Gets That Iconic Eyeliner Flick And The Procedure Will Surprise You