YOU Can Have The Chance To Jet To Dubai, And Join #CapitalInDubai Thanks To Capital Breakfast

19 November 2017, 19:30 | Updated: 24 November 2017, 07:57

Roman Kemp, Vick Hope and Sonny Jay in Dubai

You best get your sunglasses packed!

It's getting pretty cold in the UK; isn't it? Which is why Roman Kemp and Vick Hope have decided to jet off to Dubai to bring you Capital Breakfast for a whole week from this paradise.

Expect to hear the two of them get up to some pretty wild stuff - you don't even wanna know what we've got planned with a couple of camels...

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But they won't be the only ones enjoying the beauty and wonder that Dubai has to hold; you can join them too!

All this week, Capital Breakfast are giving you the chance to win return flights to Dubai for two people, as well as four nights at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, tickets to a Capital Sundowner event, tickets to see La Perle, and tickets to Dubai's parks and resorts. Not bad, eh?

All you have to do is listen out for Sonny Jay as he takes to Dubai's skies in a helicopter, giving clues as to what he can see. If you manage to work out what he's checking out from the sky, give us a shout and you could be joining #CapitalInDubai!

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