Well... CRINGE! So That's How You Sound When You've Got Your Earphones In!

Joey Not Listening

"I'm rocking this! Why haven't I performed as a headliner at a festival yet? I'm the best singer EVER!" Or so you think. That is until you've seen this video. It'll change your life forever...

There's a time and a place for you to belt out a power ballad - in the shower, while cruising down the motorway and when you're sat in the office with your earphones blaring, right?


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Apparently not. The entertainer DeOne has kind of opened our eyes for the better... We think. He's created a viral video which perfectly sums up exactly how you sound with when you're hooked up to your earphones.


What you think you sound like Singing with earphones VsHow you actually sound

Posted by DeOne Nepal on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

BRB. Just gonna unplug them right this second. And that is why you haven't headlined a festival yet!

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