Who Is Theo James’ Wife Ruth Kearney? Everything You Need To Know

20 March 2024, 15:14 | Updated: 21 March 2024, 11:56

Theo James and wife Ruth Kearney have been married since 2018
Theo James and wife Ruth Kearney have been married since 2018. Picture: Getty

By Tiasha Debray

Theo James has been on everyone’s lips, however fans seemed to be interested in his love life, specifically his wife. When did they get married? How did they meet and do they have kids?

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Actor Theo James has been in headlines recently after his impressive performance as the aristocratic Eddie in Netflix’s The Gentlemen.

His name has been thrown into the ring as one of the finalists, alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson, for the role of James Bond now that Daniel Craig is out of the picture.

However, real ones know Theo from his time playing the hunky Four in the Divergent series alongside Shailene Woodley, but put those crushes away because Theo has been taken for a very long time!

The White Lotus actor has been married to fellow actress Ruth Kearney since 2018. But where did they meet, when did they get married and do they have any kids? Here’s what we know.

Theo James and wife, Ruth Kearney met in theatre school
Theo James and wife, Ruth Kearney met in theatre school. Picture: Getty

Who is Theo James’ wife?

Theo James married to actress Ruth Kearney, who grew up in Dublin, Ireland. Ruth is best known for her roles as Jess Parker in Primeval, Daisy in The Following, Eliza in Sanditon and London in Netflix’s Flaked where she starred opposite Will Arnett.

Speaking to ISSUE Magazine, in 2017, Ruth shared her thoughts on being an actress, "It's a tough career, but I feel like I can't really imagine doing anything else. It can be great fun [but also] really challenging."

Whilst both are working actors, Theo has bagged some life changing roles in major franchises such as Divergent and The White Lotus as well the immensely popular HBO adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Ruth Kearney is an actress best know for her work in Primeval
Ruth Kearney is an actress best know for her work in Primeval. Picture: Getty

The pair have also acted together in Sanditon, the PBS series inspired by Jane Austen's final novel. Theo played one of the main characters, Sidney Parker, whilst funnily enough, Ruth played the wealthy heiress whom Theo’s character ended up marrying.

If you go back further, reportedly one of her first performances doing live theatre was alongside Theo and actress Antonia Thomas in a production of Man of Mode.

Theo James and wife, Ruth have also acted together in PBS' Sanditon
Theo James and wife, Ruth have also acted together in PBS' Sanditon. Picture: Getty

How did Theo James meet Ruth?

Theo and his wife Ruth’s love affair started over a decade ago when they both were students at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, which has boasted alumni such as Olivia Colman and Gene Wilder.

Speaking to the Evening Standard in 2020, Theo joked about how he and Ruth’s eyes initially met as they "were huddled in leotards pretending to be mice… Being frogs. We did all that animal s---."

Sorry to break any fan’s hearts, but it seemed like Theo’s connection to his wife was almost instant, he told the publication, "She's very sanguine, thoughtful and funny. ... It made sense pretty early on."

The pair understood each other’s careers and how to balance their public image with their private lives, as Theo explained to the paper, "It's interesting being together this long because we have navigated through the very beginnings of our careers… That can be hard at times, but also that [brings] certain strengths [to] a relationship."

Both Theo James and Ruth Kearney are working actors
Both Theo James and Ruth Kearney are working actors. Picture: Getty

When did Theo James get married to his wife?

Theo and Ruth got married in 2018 after almost 10 years together!

The pair tied the knot over two weddings, one low-key civil ceremony and one lavish affair in Italy.

According to InStyle, Theo and Ruth signed their papers at Islington Town Hall and later on, amongst friends and family, the pair celebrated at the gorgeous Villa Vistarenni, in Tuscany, specifically located in the wine province of Chianti.

Does Theo James have kids?

Theo and wife Ruth have two children together. The happy couple welcomed their first baby girl in August of 2021 and then they had their second baby, a boy, in 2023.

Due to the couple’s desire to keep their personal lives private, they haven't shared photos of their children online nor have revealed their babies' names.

Theo James and Ruth Kearney tend to keep their private lives private
Theo James and Ruth Kearney tend to keep their private lives private. Picture: Getty

However, Theo revealed in an interview with InStyle how he had adjusted to having his first child. "It's discombobulating at first," he said. "Especially with your first child because your whole life changes, but ultimately it makes you, definitely for me, at least, a much more solid person."

The couple's private nature has meant no 'official' announcement about the birth of their children. The world came to learn of their second baby boy's existence through a throw-away comment by Theo on the Emmys red carpet in 2024.

"We have a daughter and then a 4-month-old son. We're in the thick of it," the actor said.

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