Who Is Devin Booker? Kendall Jenner’s Rumoured New Boyfriend

30 April 2020, 14:18

The pair have been spotted hanging out together.
The pair have been spotted hanging out together. Picture: PA images

Who is Devin Booker?

Kendall Jenner is reportedly dating NBA basketball player Devin Booker.

But who is he, how tall is he, what’s his net worth and what’s his Instagram? Let’s take a look…

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Who is Devin Booker?

Devin Booker is an American basketball player.

Is Devin Booker dating Kendall Jenner?

It appears they pair are dating as they were recently spotted on a road trip together.

Which team does Devin Booker play basketball for?

Devin Booker plays for Phoenix Suns.

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How tall is Devin Booker?

He is 6 foot 5!

What is Devin Booker’s net worth?

He is reportedly worth $2million.

What is Devin Booker’s Instagram handle?

His handle is @dbook and he has 2.7million followers. Kendall follows him!

How old is Devin Booker?

Devin was born in 1996, making him 23 years old.

Where is Devin Booker from?

He is from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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