WhatsApp Just Made A Subtle Change And It's Infuriating Everyone

16 April 2024, 15:07

WhatApp have capitalised a certain feature on their app
WhatApp have capitalised a certain feature on their app. Picture: Getty/Alamy

If you logged on to WhatsApp recently and something felt off, don't worry, you haven’t lost your mind. A small change has been pushed through that’s driving people crazy.

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WhatsApp users woke up to find the tiniest detail changed on their app and, honestly? It felt like the end of the world.

When looking at conversations within the app, users can usually see whether their contacts are ‘online’, unless they’ve turned that feature off, or they can see when their contact is ‘typing…’ in their conversation.

This feature has been the make or break of many a friendship and relationship in its lifetime and now it’s gone through a slight makeover.

Some users have woken up over the last few days and noticed that the first letter of those words has now been capitalised.

WhatsApp have pushed through a minor update on their app that's sending users crazy
WhatsApp have pushed through a minor update on their app that's sending users crazy. Picture: Alamy

The shock! The horror! We joke, but it is a serious matter. The aesthetics of ‘online’ and ‘typing…’ have been changed forever to become ‘Online’ and ‘Typing…’ and users aren’t vibing with the change.

The update was indiscriminate when it came to Android and iOS, however not every user has reported the change yet so it has not rolled out universally and it hasn’t touched the desktop version of the app yet either.

So if you liked your ‘t’s’ and ‘o’s’ lowercase, then you might need to start using your laptop to message your friends like it’s the 2000s all over again.

A new look was rolled out too, minimising the iconic shade of green WhatsApp represents and going for a lower-key balance of white and green.

One user tweeted “Wait until you get the white background update …” in response to users complaining about the updates on X.

One user tweeted “WhatsApp changing the online status from online to Online has sent me west…….why upset me like this,” which was then retweeted over 1600 times.

Whilst some noticed the change immediately, it took others slightly longer to put their finger on what they didn’t enjoy about the chat app.

“I thought this was new. I kept wondering why it looked off!” one user tweeted whereas another agreed, writing, “I'm with you. It's been bugging me ever since I noticed it”

For others it’s simply a case of aesthetics, “They're ruining its simplicity,” one user wrote and that seemed to be the general consensus, with another demanding WhatsApp change it back, writing, “The capitalization is ugly! @WhatsApp - fix this!”

Finally, a fan wrote what we believe pretty much sums up the experience, “I thought I was the only one lol... We humans don't like change.”

And ain't that just the honest truth?

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