There's A New Fashion Trend For Men That You'll Either Fall In Love With Or Want To Burn

18 May 2017, 12:51 | Updated: 7 December 2018, 16:21


A new fashion craze has started to take over the world and people are most definitely divided over it.

We all know how damn fine a good romper can look, hell, wasn't it just a few years ago people were going nuts over those 'OnePiece' onesies. There's just something about slipping the whole of your body in a single piece of fabric that makes us feel like a golden goddess.

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Well, get ready, because there's a new item of clothing that you're bound to be seeing a lot of for the rest of the year: The 'Romphim'.


PIC: Instagram/OfficialRomphim

Look at that. Take it in. Don't you

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According to the Chicago company's Kickstarter page, the idea started over a few drinks: “We were sitting around over drinks one evening and got to talking about men’s clothing options out there. Everything was either too corporate… too fratty… too “runaway”… or too basic. Something was missing."

They add, "Why wasn’t there anything out there that allowed guys to be more stylish and fun without sacrificing comfort, fit, and versatility?”

As colourful and eye-catching as they may be, there has been a BIG debate whether they're hot or not on Twitter.

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