WATCH: Olly Alexander Wells Up Talking Through The Songs That Mean The Most To Him

20 May 2021, 17:01

Olly Alexander Opens Up About Acceptance, Happiness & Love | Reflections | Capital

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Olly Alexander opened up his heart when we left him alone to answer five questions, with no one but his own reflection.

Olly Alexander sat down in front of our Reflections mirror to talk about the songs that mean the most to him, and things got very emotional.

From Oasis to Kylie Minogue, Olly shared some personal memories as he reflected on the music that shaped and inspired him.

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The ‘It’s A Sin’ singer welled up in front of our famous mirror, as he answered the below five questions:

  • What do you see when you look in the mirror?
  • What’s a song you wish you’d written?
  • What’s the song that reminds you of being in love?
  • What’s a song that reminds you of where you’re from?
  • What’s the first song you ever loved?
Olly Alexander got emotional in front of the Reflections mirror
Olly Alexander got emotional in front of the Reflections mirror. Picture: Capital FM

Selena Gomez, Yungblud and Anne-Marie are just a few of the other stars who have taken on our Reflections mirror series, getting candid as they reminisce on the music that's stayed with them.

You can watch the rest of the Reflections series over on our YouTube channel.

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