Snapchat Trophy Case - How To Unlock ALL 37 Achievements!

19 October 2016, 11:44 | Updated: 30 January 2018, 11:03

What a time to be alive.

One of life's (not-so) great mysteries has finally been solved and we can all live happily ever after.

Some bright spark has pulled together a handy list of how you can tick-off every emoji on Snapchat's Trophy Case - just think how satisfying it'll be once you get that final one. (Don't act like you have something better to do.)

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Snapchat Trophy


How To Unlock Snapchat Trophy Case Achievements

Email - Verified email address in Settings.
Telephone - Verified phone number in Settings.
Happy Devil - Screenshotted a Snap!
Sad Devil - Screenshotted 10 Snaps!
Red Goblin - Screenshotted 50 Snaps!
Radio - Submitted a Snap to a Live/Local Story. 
Clapper Board - Submitted 10 Snaps to a Live/Local Story.
Fax Machine - Scanned 5 Snapcodes.
1 Finger - Send a Snap with one finger applied.
2 Fingers - Send a Snap with two filters applied.
Baby - Your Snapchat score hit 10!
Gold Star - Your Snapchat score hit 100!
Sparkles - Your Snapchat score hit 1,000!
Shooting Star - Your Snapchat score hit 10,000!
Explosion - Your Snapchat score hit 50,000!
Rocket - Your Snapchat score hit 100,000!
Ghost - Your Snapchat score hit 500,000!
Video Tape - Send a video Snap.
Movie Camera - Send 50 video Snaps.
Video Camera - Send 500 video Snaps.
Sun Face - Send a Snap with the temperature above 100°F (38°c)
Snowflake - Send a Snap with the temperature filter below freezing (0°c/32°F)
Torch - Send 10 Snaps with your front-facing flash on.
Ogre - Send 1,000 Snaps using the front-facing camera (selfies).
Loop Once - Flip the camera once in one video Snap.
Loop - Flip the camera 5 times in one video Snap.
Refresh - Flip the camera 10 times in one video Snap.
Hear-No-Evil - Send a video Snap without audio.
Magnifying Glass - Send 10 photo snaps entirely zoomed in.
Microscope - Send 10 video Snaps using zoom. 
ABCD - Send 100 Snaps with large text font.
Panda - Send 50 Snaps using the black-and-white filter.
Crescent Moon - Send 50 Snaps using night mode (the crescent moon icon in the top-left).
Fried Egg - Send a Snap between 4-5am.
Lollipop - Send a Snap using 5 or more pen colours.
Rainbow - Send 10 Snaps using 5 of more pen colours.
Artist Palette - Send 50 Snaps using 5 or more pen colours.

Now go forth and snap up up all those trophies - just think how impressed everyone will be...

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