UK Secures Early Access To 90 Million Coronavirus Vaccinations

20 July 2020, 08:54

The UK has signed early access to 90 million vaccinations
The UK has signed early access to 90 million vaccinations. Picture: Getty

The UK has signed a deal ensuring the country has the best chances of protection for those at risk from coronavirus.

Through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, the UK has secured early access to 90 million Covid-19 vaccinations as promising vaccines continue to be developed.

The vaccines are being researched by pharmaceutical companies BioNTech, Pfizer and Valneva.

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BioNTech and Pfizer’s vaccine has reached Phase 2 of the trials, where small groups of people are being tested.

Coronavirus vaccine trials are ongoing
Coronavirus vaccine trials are ongoing. Picture: Getty

The deal is on top of the 100 million doses Oxford University are trialling with AstraZeneca.

However, it remains uncertain whether any of the vaccines will work.

Research for a Covid-19 vaccine began at the beginning of the year at an extremely fast pace and over 20 vaccines are in clinical trials across the world.

None have yet proven to provide immunity but some can trigger an immune response.

Boris Johnson working towards a 'return to normality by Christmas'

The vaccines the UK government has signed early access to work in three completely different ways.

The Valneva vaccine, which will provide 60 million doses if successful, uses an inactive version of the coronavirus.

BioNTech and Pfizer’s 30 million doses of the vaccine would inject part of the coronavirus’ genetic code.

Meanwhile, Oxford University are developing a vaccine made from a genetically engineered virus, and would provide 100 million doses if successful.

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