Netflix's You Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers And Latest News

26 March 2024, 16:48

Left: Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, Right: Penn Badgley at Fashion Week
Season 5 of You was renewed in March, 2023. Picture: Alamy/Getty

By Tiasha Debray

Filming has begun for ‘You’ season five and we need to do our homework and brush up on when it’s coming out, who’s on the cast and all the latest news. Here’s what we know.

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Penn Badgley has returned for the fifth and final season of Netflix’s You and as the streaming giant revealed that filming has officially begun, fans are desperate to know what’s in store for them in this last chapter.

The psychological thriller has gone full circle and returned to New York City after the previous season was set in London where Penn starred alongside cast mates including Charlotte Ritchie, Tati Gabrielle and Lukas Gage.

The series was based on the books written by Caroline Kepnes, but with only four books published, series 5 is set to write out its own path and plot line.

So what can we expect from You season 5? From the release date to the cast and all the latest news. Here’s what you need to know.

Still of Penn Badgley from season 4 of 'You'
Penn Badgley will return for the fifth and final season of Netflix’s ‘You’. Picture: Alamy

When is Netflix's You season 5 release date?

Netflix has not dropped an official release date for You season 5, but the show confirmed it had been renewed for the fifth season in March 2023.

Alongside the renewal confirmation, Netflix expected that the fifth series would premiere in 2024, however, the massive strikes that went down in Hollywood over the last year have caused significant delays.

With production just starting in March 2024, fans of the show probably shouldn’t expect the new season until early 2025.

However, You season 4 was released in two parts with a month gap between them, so if Netflix decides to do that again, we could be waiting even longer to get the end of the story.

Still of Charlotte Ritchie Kate in series 4 of 'You'
Charlotte Ritchie will reprise her role as Kate in series 5 of Netflix's 'You'. Picture: Alamy

Who’s in the cast of You season 5?

Penn will be returning as everyone’s problematic favourite Joe Goldberg alongside Charlotte Ritchie who’ll be reprising the role of Kate.

Netflix has confirmed they’ve cast three new roles on the show, to build out Kate’s family. Griffin Matthews (The Flight Attendant, Weeds) has snagged the role of Kate’s brother, Teddy Lockwood.

Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect, The Help) has been cast in the challenging dual role of Reagan and Maddie Lockwood, Kate’s twin sisters. Raegan is the cunning, cutthroat CFO of the Lockwood Corp in comparison to Maddie a three-time divorced socialite.

And finally, Madeline Brewer (The Handmaid’s Tale) will join the cast as Bronte. Netflix described her character as an “enigmatic and free-spirited playwright who comes to work at Joe Goldberg’s new bookstore”.

From the sounds of things, Bronte’s role may be one of tempting Joe back into his hideous old ways, serving as a trigger to make him question what his life has become.

Still of Lukas Gage and Tilly Keeper as their roles in series 4 of 'You'
Lukas Gage featured in series 4 of 'You' as Adam. Picture: Alamy

For fans hoping for the return of Joe’s evil alter ego, Rhys, actor Ed Speleers spoke to TV Insider about the possibility of his character's return.

“I would absolutely love a Rhys return,” Speleers told. “But as it stands, there’s nothing yet. If it ends up being Rhys isn’t involved, I feel very honoured that I got so much from that and so much time to play because Rhys was a great part to play”

”Again, I’m privileged and grateful to Netflix for giving me that chance because it was a different way for me to work. But at the moment, no, I’ve not heard.”

As for some older fan favourites, it’s not been confirmed yet whether Tati will return as the clever Marienne after she outwitted Joe in season 4.

Fans have also been hoping to see Amy-Leigh Hickman return as Nadia, although her character would be rotting away in prison somewhere after being framed by the psychopathic protagonist.

Still of Amy-Leigh Hickman and Penn Badgley as their roles in 'You'
You fans have also been hoping to see Amy-Leigh Hickman return as Nadia. Picture: Alamy

What will season 5 of You be about?

Season 5's plot of You has been kept in the dark for now, however at the end of season 4 we saw Joe return to New York City, this time with an immense amount of wealth and power thanks to his wife Kate.

This ‘new’ Joe seems more dangerous than ever as he doesn’t appear to be weighed down by the morals that have been plaguing him for four seasons.

We know with the introduction of the character Bronte, that Joe will be tempted to fall back into his old ways, but with the casting of Kate’s family, the plot will surely revolve around her.

Penn revealed to TV Insider “It feels to me like it’s building towards one last giant hurrah, but I don’t know… If Joe has really embraced this part of himself, what does that mean?”

What’s the latest news about You season 5?

On the 25th of March, 2024, Netflix revealed that You season 5 had officially begun production.

“Spotted: Joe Goldberg in New York City. The 5th and final season of YOU is now in production,” Netflix tweeted on X (formerly known as Twitter.)

The streaming giant added a photo of Penn as Joe crossing a street in front of Bleeker St Station in New York City.

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