Who Was Justin Eely And Why Is One Day Dedicated To Him?

15 February 2024, 16:08

One Day is Netflix's latest hit
One Day is Netflix's latest hit. Picture: Netflix

By Tiasha Debray

There's a special dedication during the final credits of Netflix’s One Day finale. But who was Justin Eely? What does he mean to the cast and crew of One Day and why is the show dedicated to him?

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One Day is Netflix’s latest series adapted from David Nicholls novel of the same name. Whilst not a work of fiction, the characters were inspired by real life people and the author's own life.

The 14 episode series stars Leo Woodall as the character of Dexter Mayhew and Ambika Mod as Emma Morley. Viewers are taken on a poignant journey through the ups and downs of their relationship over the span of 20 years. Dropping in on the same day every year from 1988 to 2007.

While the show indiscriminately left fans and newcomers crying their eyes out, there was a small detail at the end that viewers have been curious about.

After the finale, as the credits roll, a small dedication appears and the question on all our minds is; who was Justin Eely, and what does he mean to the cast of One Day?

Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod as Dexter and Emma in One Day
Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod as Dexter and Emma in One Day. Picture: Netflix

Who is Justin Eely?

Justin Eely was a finishing editor working out of London with a very impressive resume. From The Crown, Killing Eve, Good Omens and Sherlock to even working on Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City.

The man built an incredible career over 20 years in the industry, working on over 100 different productions and contributing greatly to the film and television industry.

A finishing editor is the last stage of production before a piece of work is complete. The role involves completing the critical final touches and edits, so it’s Justin’s magical final pixie dust that had his work looking as good as it did, and this is exactly what he did on all 14 episodes of Netflix’s One Day.

According to Cosmopolitan, Justin was beloved by the industry and a previous employer even said he was someone "anyone would want on their team."

According to this employer, Justin loved what he did and truly enjoyed "the process of collaborating with the many creative people who visit his edit suite during the finishing phase of their shows."

A dedication to Justin Eely was included in credits of Netflix's One Day
A dedication to Justin Eely was included in credits of Netflix's One Day. Picture: Netflix

Why is One Day dedicated to Justin Eely?

During the credits of the finale of Netflix's One Day, a dedication is included that reads 'In loving memory of Justin Eely.' Since the show became an explosive hit, everyone has been frantically searching to find out more about the man that meant so much to everyone he worked with. The show is dedicated to Justin after he worked as an on-line editor on the series.

A number of publications have reported that Justin may have passed away in the last six months, which they determined through his Instagram activity. He often posted about his daughter and his interest in running and cycling, in fact, Justin was an Ironman Triathlon winner.

His public Instagram account has now been set to private, and tragically Justin Eely has left behind his partner and eight year old daughter.

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