Ambika Mod Fact File Including Age, Ethnicity And Who She’s Dating

14 February 2024, 12:24 | Updated: 20 February 2024, 14:49

Ambika Mod stars as Emma in Netflix's One Day
Ambika Mod stars as Emma in Netflix's One Day. Picture: Getty/Netflix

By Tiasha Debray

Ambika Mod is the name on everyone’s lips after watching the new Netflix series One Day. What’s her age? Where are her parents from? And who is she dating?

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Starring alongside the man with the biggest puppy dog eyes in the world, Leo Woodall, Ambika Mod’s casting in Netflix’s One Day is a perfect choice for the character of Emma. But her role as the romantic lead is a big change from her career built on comedy and Ambika’s ethnicity plays a huge role in why she originally turned it down.

She’s worked along the likes of Ben Whishaw in This Is Going To Hurt and you may have spotted her in other films and TV shows.

Where is Ambika from? What did she do before working in TV? How old is she and who is she dating? We’ve done the hard work so you can really get to know your new on-screen fave.

Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod star as Dex and Emma in One Day
Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod star as Dex and Emma in One Day. Picture: Netflix

Who is Ambika Mod, how old is she?

Ambika Mod is a British writer, actress and comedian. Born in 1995, she is 28 years and and actually one year older than her on-screen counterpart, Leo Woodall.

Ambika grew up in Hertfordshire and from an early age, she was brilliant. This smart cookie attended Dame Alice Owens school but it wasn’t until college that she found her passion for the performing arts.

She took acting lessons and performed in her college Revue where she showed huge potential and ended up performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015.

After a few years around the comedy circuit, Ambika began to slowly experiment with screen acting and booked her first credited role in a short film in 2018.

Ambika Mod's career started on the comedy stage
Ambika Mod's career started on the comedy stage. Picture: Instagram/ambikamod

What is Ambika Mod's ethnicity?

Ambika Mod is of South Asian heritage. While both her parents were born in India, her mother immigrated to the UK at a very young age and her father came over in his 20s.

Her choice to take the role as Emma in One Day is an important one, specifically because of her ethnicity. Her representation of the South Asian community in a romantic role has inspired a whole generation of young women who struggle with their identity.

But despite the role being such a huge opportunity for her career, it wasn’t entirely a clear cut yes from the get go.

“I know that growing up I did not see myself on screen and that was a massive part of me not seeing myself in certain rooms or not thinking I deserve certain things. I think there was definitely an element of when I turned down the tape for One Day, was because I just didn’t see myself as a romantic lead,” she told Glamour.

It was a brave choice and the right one, because Ambika absolutely smashed the role and brought a new depth to the character of Emma.

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What TV shows and movies has Ambika Mod been in?

If you’ve done what the rest of the world has and binge all of One Day in… well one day, then fear not. You can still get your Ambika fix, here’s a list of the other work she’s been doing since she hit the silver screens in 2018.

  • Fair Bnb (Short) 2018
  • The Mash Report (Series) 2019
  • Grandaughter (Short) 2019
  • The Sacrifice (Short) 2020
  • The Bait (Series) 2020
  • Trying (Series) 2021
  • This Is Going To Hurt (Series) 2022
  • Doctor Who: Redact (Podcast) 2022
  • Pet Name (short) 2022
  • I Hate Suzie (Series) 2022
  • One Day (Series) 2024
Ambika Mod role in This Is Going To Hurt won her Breakthrough Performer
Ambika Mod role in This Is Going To Hurt won her Breakthrough Performer. Picture: Getty

Who is Ambika Mod dating?

Ambika Mod is dating actor Andy Sellers which may come as a surprise after her insane chemistry on screen with Leo Woodall, but we have to sadly reveal the co-stars of One Day are not together in real life.

While Leo is dating his White Lotus co-star, Meghann Fahy, Ambika's love life has only recently become public knowledge.

Ambika and Andy are about to star in an upcoming thriller series, Playdate, set to air on Disney+, which is likely where they met.

The series cast was announced in August of 2023 so we can only assume that the pair met and began dating some time around then.

Ambika soft launched Andy on her Instagram in November 2023 where he showed up in a photo dump, but there was no confirmation of them dating.

Ambika soft launched Andy on a Instagram carousel on her feed back in November.
Ambika soft launched Andy on a Instagram carousel on her feed back in November. Picture: Instagram/ambikamod

So depending on whether you count their time together from when they first met on set or when Ambika first posted him, Ambika and Andy have roughly been seeing each other for three to six months.

Keep your eye out for Andy because he's just wrapped up his latest project, Young Woman and the Sea, where he stars alongside Lily James.

We don't know much else about their relationship, it's still new and the pair are keeping it on the down low but they were recently spotted out and about walking their dog and they looked pretty into each other.

Ambika Mod’s Instagram

Ambika Mod’s skyrocket into fame is making for some excellent Insta-content. She’s become quite the fashionista and you can find her on Instagram @ambikamod.

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