Who Is Saffron Barker? Celebrity Circle Star's Age, Job & Net Worth

11 March 2021, 12:27

Saffron Barker is the second YouTuber to join the Strictly family
Saffron Barker is the second YouTuber to join the Strictly family. Picture: Instagram @SaffronBarker/ BBC Strictly Come Dancing

YouTuber-turned-TV star Saffron Barker is currently taking part in The Celebrity Circle, so, how old is she and what is her net worth?

The Celebrity Circle has a bunch of celebrities including Saffron Barker, Sam Thompson, Pete Wicks and Denise Van Outen starring on the catfishing reality series and it is super entertaining.

Strictly Come Dancing's YouTuber star, Saffron Barker is dipping her toes into another TV show after finding major fame on the dancing competition and people are loving having her back on the screen.

Saffron had over two million subscribers to her channel before Strictly aired, and we'll no doubt see a lot more of her once Strictly comes to an end.

Strictly Come Dancing Star & YouTuber Saffron Barker Train Tweet Controversy Explained

Who is Saffron Barker?

Saffron is a popular YouTuber, vlogger and social influencer, who chronicles her daily life in videos she films and narrates- showing everything from her at home with her family, to purchasing a car and showing off her latest purchases.

She often films herself with her family and brothers, completing challenges, but also her luxury lifestyle, having filmed trips to LA int he past.

Strictly welcomed its first YouTuber in the form of Joe Sugg in 2018 and after proving to be one of the most popular contestants of the whole series, producers decided to keep the streak going with Saffron.

Telling my family I'm going on Strictly Come Dancing..

How old is Saffron?

Despite enjoying enormous success, Saffron is only 20-years-old and will undoubtedly be one of the youngest in the Strictly line-up yet.

She has already had The Celebrity Circle viewers in stitches while admitting she doesn't know who Denise Van Outen or Duncan for Blue are.


Where does Saffron live?

Like fellow YouTubers Alfie Deyes, Joe Zugg and his sister, Zoella, Saffron lives in Brighton, which continues to prove a very successful pool of talent for a relatively small city.

What is her YouTube channel about?

Saffron Barker documented telling her family about Strictly on her channel
Saffron Barker documented telling her family about Strictly on her channel. Picture: Saffron Barker/ YouTube

Most recently, she documented the moment she told each of her family members that she would be going onto Strictly, and to say it's emotional is an understatement.

She tricked her mum into thinking she had been rejected, and seeing her mum sob when she finds out the truth will have you reaching for the tissues.

She tells her grandparents that they'll be able to watch her on their favourite TV show and brother is, well, slightly underwhelmed but he's a teenager so we'll forgive him.

But aside from that, her vlogs are about every day life, beauty mishaps, and generally letting viewers into her life, which people love to watch.

What's her Instagram handle?

She already has 1.8 million followers under her belt, which we're pretty certain is about to shoot up even further as she no doubt becomes a household name on the prime time show, and you can follow her here:


What is Saffron Barker's net worth?

Thanks to her enormously successful YouTube channel that has paved the way for her TV career- Saffron is said to have a net worth of a reported £1million!

What did she have to apologise for?

People did some digging into the star and resurfaced an incident Saffron had to apologise for last year, after she complained about being unable to get home after somebody died by suicide on the train she was travelling on.

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