The Sex Education Cast Filmed Sex Scenes In An Amazingly Unique Way

17 January 2019, 11:13

The Sex Education cast reveal the unique way they filmed sex scenes
The Sex Education cast reveal the unique way they filmed sex scenes. Picture: Netflix

Asa Butterfield and his cast mates from Sex Education have revealed how they got round the awkwardness filming all those sex scenes.

Netflix's Sex Education might be the most NSFW show we've watched in a while, but it's also one of the best shows to have hit our screens so far in 2019, and the cast have revealed the unique way they filmed the sex scenes to help relieve them of the awkwardness.

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It turns out, the show hired an 'intimacy director' to choreograph the scenes, the cast told told Digital Spy, which they said was a great experience and made filming fun.

Emma Mackey, who plays Maeve said: "For Kedar [Williams-Stirling] and my sex scenes, we had literal choreography. We timed it."

"'You do this for seven seconds. You do this...' So it was like a dance. It's really interesting to have it like that. It just automatically debunks... It gets rid of all the fear. So it was great."

The show's Director, Ben Taylor said: "Some of the sex days were some of the funnest days, because they're so ridiculous."

The show's intimacy choreographer, Ita O'Brien, wanted to change the traditional format of a director telling the cast how to play out the scene.

She said: "I'm there to help them choreograph it clearly, ensuring everyone was okay with both the physicality and the nudity."

"You agree the scene step-by-step, including where people have consented to be touched, so they can be freer to tell the story and further their character through the scene."

So, if you haven't got round to watching the show yet, major spoiler, it's full of teens having sex in their high school, but knowing the cast had such a rewarding experience filming it makes it an even better watch, we're obsessed!


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