Riverdale's KJ Apa: Everythng From His Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Parents & Movies!

26 September 2018, 17:26 | Updated: 22 October 2018, 16:01

Have you ever wondered who Netflix's Archie Andrews is when he's not being a part of the hit Netflix series? We've found everything you need to know from which country he's really from, to his girlfriend, age and net worth!

Riverdale's Archie Andrews has set hearts pounding ever since he graced our screens for series 1, and now, as we patiently wait for series 3 to come around, it's time to take a closer look at just who this Netflix star is exactly, who he's dating, and even how much he's worth...

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Who is KJ Apa?

KJ is an actor and singer who plays Archie Andrews in Riverdale, a role he landed after a three month global search and he was the final character to be chosen for the show.

The show's creator said: "We found K.J. three days before we were supposed to test Archies in front of the studio. So he was really slotted in at the last minute."

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What's his full name?

KJ's real name is Keneti James Fitzgerald and is the child of Keneti Apa, Tessa Apa.

How old is he?

21! For once, someone under the age of 30 playing a high school student...

Where is he from?

Believe it or not, KJ is from Auckland, New Zealand and is also half-Samoan on his dad's side.

We know right, he puts on the accent and everything when playing Archie...he's even admitted that "having a New Zealand accent [in the USA] increases your chances by like 50 percent."

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Does he have a girlfriend?

It was reported earlier this year that KJ, after being snapped a lot of times with the same girl, was in fact dating 16-year-old Corrine Isherwood after fans found a Canadian girl by the same name, although nothing has ever been confirmed.

What is his net worth?

According to celebritynetworth.com, KJ is worth around $3million thanks to his casting in popular TV shows.

What else have I seen him in?

He was in a soap opera called Shortland Street in New Zealand, where he even got to film a scene with Ed Sheeran, and now we really want to see it.

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Where can I follow him?

His Instagram handle is: @kjapa, and he already boasts a whopping 10 million followers, posting everything from topless shots of his very ripped body, to artsy shots of him and his Riverdale cast mates at swanky parties.

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