Fans Are Stanning 'You's' Penn Badgley As The Mascot Woodchuck Todd In 'Easy A'

20 January 2020, 12:13

Fans love that Joe is also Woodchuck Todd in Easy A
Fans love that Joe is also Woodchuck Todd in Easy A. Picture: Netflix

Before Penn Badgley played the psycho yet weirdly dreamy Joe in 'You', he was the lovable mascot from Emma Stone movie 'Easy A'.

You is undoubtedly one of the crown jewels in Netflix's crown and Penn Badgley's Joe is the cornerstone to the creepy thriller's success.

However fans have been reliving their old memories of Penn and although there's of course a lot of talk around Dan from Gossip Girl, fans are still loving Penn's time as Woodchuck Todd in Easy A.

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Penn Badgley as the Easy A high school mascot
Penn Badgley as the Easy A high school mascot. Picture: YouTube/Sony

Yes... the lovable yet ridiculous Woodchuck Todd has quickly become the hero we didn't know we needed until now on Twitter. One fan even pointed out how she's been all about Penn since the days of Easy A - she wrote, "All these women talkin about how hot the dude from "You" is... Sit ya ungrateful ass down, I was hearing crickets when he was WOODCHUCK TODD"

Fans on Twitter continued their adoration for Todd in a flurry of tweets...

Now we're not saying that Joe from You isn't just a little dreamy (we know... it felt weird to write it too) however any man who can make both a beaver and a devil mascot outfit look good is the guy for us.

Penn has already inadvertently revealed there's a third season of You in the works. Talking to Entertainment Tonight he said, "I literally know nothing about the third season.” Hmmm... that's confirmation in our eyes!

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