WATCH: Netflix’s You Without Joe Goldberg’s Commentary Is Even More Creepy Than Before

6 February 2019, 12:35

If you thought the stalker drama was creepy enough already, wait until you see Netflix’s You without the commentary… we apologise in advance.

Netflix’s You is without doubt their creepiest release of the year so far, but they’ve found a way to make it even worse… by removing the commentary from Joe Goldberg that runs throughout the series.

Netflix's You: People Can't Help But Love Creepy Stalker Joe Goldberg

Spoiler alerts ahead if you haven’t watched it, but if you have, you’ll know that Joe – played by Penn Badgeley – gets obsessed with Guinevere Beck, also known as Beck, and does a heap of verrrrry manipulative and pretty illegal stuff to get closer to her.

Including... y'know, kidnapping and murdering her former boyfriend and her bestie. Totes normal behaviour. (Not).

The series is narrated by Joe with a running commentary of what is going through his head at any given moment, but if you take that away… well there’s a LOT of very awkward silences.

There’s the night where the only word spoken between him and Beck is ‘falafel’, and his disturbing staring when her friend Peach suggests Beck “rarely knows what’s best for her” where men are concerned.

Who’d have thought a serial killer who breaks into women’s houses to steal their underwear wasn’t already the creepiest they could be, huh?

Watch the video above to see… and don’t blame us for any sleepless nights you may have!

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