This You Season 3 Theory Predicts Joe Goldberg’s Next Victim – And It Makes So Much Sense

3 January 2020, 15:57

Joe's next victim in series 3 could be a lot closer to home
Joe's next victim in series 3 could be a lot closer to home. Picture: Netflix

There’s a new theory about Joe Goldberg’s next victim in You season three.

* This article contains serious spoilers for You season two *

If you’ve just wrapped up watching the second series of Netflix's You, where Joe Goldberg adopted the identity of Will to win over Love Quinn, you’ll likely be looking for hints about series three.

Season two finished with Joe and Love moving in together in preparation for the arrival of their baby girl, despite the fact the stalker’s latest girlfriend has just revealed she too is a sociopathic murderer.

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The murdering duo look loved-up despite a recent killing spree, and Joe appears to have retired as a stalker, however, as he walks into his back garden he reveals he has found his next victim – and it could be his mum.

While peering through his fence, he says in the last episode: “There you were with your books and your sunshine, so close but worlds away. I will figure out a way, a way to get to you. See you soon."

Season three is yet to be officially confirmed, but Penn Badgley, who plays Will, did let slip there’s already been talk of another series.

This means Joe will meet his fourth victim – and there are already some pretty good theories about who it could be.

Season two saw the sociopath reflect back on his childhood, where he had a pretty troubled upbringing with his single mother.

This storyline has led many fans to predict Joe’s next victim will be his own mum, as the woman living next door to him and Love appeared to be older than his victims so far.

The latest series ended with Love’s twin brother, Forty, being murdered by the police officer who was Delilah’s lover, a scene which came after viewers discovered it was Love who killed Ellie’s sister.

As confident Ellie is now sadly without a family, we’ll likely – and hopefully – see more of the sassy teen in series three as she steers clear of Joe.

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