You Season 2: Secret Meanings Behind Love and Forty’s Bizarre Names Revealed

27 December 2019, 13:03 | Updated: 27 December 2019, 14:43

Did you spot the meaning behind Love and Forty's names?
Did you spot the meaning behind Love and Forty's names? Picture: Netflix

Netflix’s new series of You has some pretty weird names in the cast but apparently there’s a really clever reason behind them.

You season 2 and its cast have been causing all sorts of internet drama since it launched on Netflix on Boxing Day.

From new star of the series Victoria Pedretti to the shocking end, all anyone can talk about is You and, in particular, Forty and Love’s very unusual names.

Played by Victoria and actor James Scully, it’s believed their You character names has something to do with Tennis.

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The beginning score for the sport, zero, is referred to as 'love' and the game only goes up to forty, so from beginning to end it's, Love and Forty. Get it?

Fans of You have already been taking to Twitter to talk about the tennis theory amongst the cast.

One wrote: “I’m such an idiot I just realised the twins names Forty and Love are an homage to tennis. #YOUS2.”

Another said: “What’s up with all the weird names on #You like I could handle Peach but having twins named Forty and Love. Who likes tennis that much?”

However, while this is the common theory behind their weird names, it’s not actually mentioned in the series.

There is though, a scene where Forty and Love play tennis together which seems to be a gentle nod towards their names.

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