Where Is Too Hot To Handle Filmed? Exotic Location Of The Paradise Retreat Unveiled

7 May 2020, 15:36 | Updated: 7 May 2020, 15:41

Where is Netflix's Too Hot To Handle situated?
Where is Netflix's Too Hot To Handle filmed? Picture: Netflix

Netflix has delivered a series set to compete with Love Island, however, the location is a lot more exotic - so where is Too Hot To Handle set and filmed?

Netflix have promised to fill that Love Island-shaped hole in our hearts with their latest eight-episode dating reality series, Too Hot To Handle, which will see ten singletons couple-up in the chance of winning up to $100,000.

However, it's clear the filming location is much more luxurious and exotic, so where is Too Hot To Handle filmed?

And trust us when we say the setting is as fancy as it looks as it's believed it was filmed on a private estate at Casa Tau in Punta Mita, Mexico - fancy!

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To help make the filming location seem even more like paradise, Punta Mita is surrounded by nine and half miles of Pacific Ocean

Much like ITV's Love Island, the cast share one bedroom, where everyone has to sleep, but Too Hot To Handle also boasts a large pool, acres of beach area, as well as a lounge and bar.

Contestants have come from across the planet to be a part of the series, with five contestants originating from the United Kingdom, while the other half reside in Canada, USA or Australia.

The Too Hot to Handle cast are a good looking bunch
The Too Hot to Handle cast are a good looking bunch. Picture: Netflix

As the series progresses, the singletons soon learn - via a virtual assistant, Lana - that they cannot do anything romantic or sexual, such as kissing, during their stay on the resort; and if they do, the prize money will drop.

According to Lana, the reasoning behind the lack of contact is to "help you gain deeper, emotional connections."

The new Netflix series became available to stream from Friday, 17 April, and all eight episodes were available immediately, meaning the nation has already binge-watched them in one sitting.

Too Hot to Handle's Kelz would have liked the series to be longer

Fans were quick to compare Too Hot To Handle to Love Island, after Netflix dropped their first trailer for the series, noting the similarities between the format and the location.

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