There’s A New You Season 3 Theory And It Explains Who Joe’s Neighbour Might Really Be

11 February 2020, 17:30 | Updated: 11 February 2020, 17:35

You season 3 already has a lot of strong theories created by fans
You season 3 already has a lot of strong theories created by fans. Picture: Netflix

You’s loyal fans have come up with a new theory and it might just be our new favourite idea for season three of the Netflix series.

You season two ended with Joe Goldberg peering through his garden fence at a glamorous-looking neighbour and, ever since, Netflix fans have been coming up with all sorts of theories about what’s in store for series three.

After Penn Badgley, who plays the sociopathic Joe, shut down rumours the neighbour could be his mum, fans have continued to create their own theories.

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And a new idea on Reddit is one that would take the third series down a totally different route – it involves an undercover detective for a start…

The keen Reddit user has some pretty big ideas, writing: “I want season 3 to be about the police or some private investigator finally catching on to Joe and actually investigating him real investigation not just out of jealousy i want season 3 of You to be kinda like season 2 of Dexter [sic].”

Another person chimed in that they thought Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti) in season two would be revealed to be an undercover detective who was working with Candace – which would have been a fab storyline, to be fair!

“I thought she and Candace were working together. Candace really seemed like she had some great plan so I thought for sure she was tricking him somehow,” another Reddit user said.

Another fan theory predicts Joe and Love will become ‘a Bonny and Clyde type thing’, “and the two cops from Season 2(the ones that were investigating Ellie) would now be investigating Joe and Love for all of the crazy ass s*** they’ve done, and have to battle with the Quinns.”

Fans of You reckon a private investigator will follow Joe in season 3
Fans of You reckon a private investigator will follow Joe in season 3. Picture: Netflix

The theory continues: “The series would end with their baby being born and them maybe both being in jail or some s***, but then hinting that they would escape.”

Many viewers are also adamant the neighbour won’t be his next fixation, but that the haunting final scene was more to show fatherhood wouldn’t change him.

Either way, it seems everyone is adamant there’s going to be a body count next season.

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